JISA INFOREVIEW magazine in 2010.

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From content 2/10 we highlight:

Roundtable with the Government of Serbia

The Eighth Business Roundtable with the Government of Serbia

Debate with Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic and other ministers of government on the future economic prospects for Serbia, organized by Economist Conferences from London, under the title ‘New Directions for Growth’ took place on 24th March in Belgrade. The event brought together senior government leaders and top-level corporate speakers to debate current and future government policies. Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic addressed the local and international business community, gathered for this important annual event.
The Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic announced a series of stimulating measures for stopping the growth of unemployment and to increase economic activity, as that will be government’s priorities for this year.
He stressed that the government will be active in seeking strategic investors from Europe and around the world.

Cvetkovic announced the securing of funds for stimulating export-oriented enterprises and strengthening institutional capacity for conquering new markets.

Agreement on investing EUR 200 million in Science Signed

Minister of Finance Diana Dragutinovic and the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Dario Scannapieco in March signed a financial agreement worth EUR 200 million, which will be invested in scientific and technological infrastructure.
This EUR 200 million loan will enable investments in scientific and technological infrastructure in Serbia, totaling EUR 420 million over the next five years.
The rest of the funds will be secured from the Serbian budget, EU pre-accession funds, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Council of Europe Development Bank. After the signing of the agreement at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA), President Boris Tadic announced that over the next few years around half a billion Euros will be invested in the development of scientific and technological infrastructure in Serbia.Tadic highlighted at the ceremony that these are among the key investments in Serbia’s economic development, because in order to achieve such development Serbia must stop the ‘brain drain’.

Conference of the European Leadership Centre, 27 – 28 May 2010

“Will European Leaders See Around the Corner and Find Creative Solutions?”
IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia

This year’s conference of the European Leadership Centre (ELC) will be a challenging event focusing on what European leaders should bear in mind to make a difference and contribute to a better Europe and a better world. Participants will brainstorm on the importance of new leadership approaches to promoting innovation, communication and governance/ethics. In this context the following key themes will be discussed:

How will the European Business Environment Look After the Crisis?
How will Energy and Sustainability Issues Influence the Future Development of Europe?
How can Europe Promote Innovation?
New Ways of Leading into Europe's Future
Impact of IT on Communication and Cooperation
New Forms of Organization; the Contributions of Europe
New Forms of Governance

Successful e-Skills Week in SERBIA

1260 certificates ECDL free of charge for the citizens of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia

The closing ceremony of the e-Skills Week campaign for promoting digital literacy was On the Conference, Mr. Nebojsa Vasiljevic, Deputy Minister for Information Society, stressed the continuing need for IT education and Djordje Dukic, president of JISA highlighted the huge losses that many companies and institutions are now unconsciously suffering by delaying testing of their employees. The campaign was supported by many institutions throughout Serbia: From the Serbia’s Association of Journalists 30 candidates successfully passed all tests, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce provided testing for its members, Electrical Engineering School Nikola Tesla provided testing for all of its teachers, the Gerontology Institute organized testing for their workers and also for interested users of their services, the Regional development agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje as well as municipalities of Becej, Nis, Leskovac, Vladicin Han, Knjazevac and Paracin organized testing in schools and municipal premises..


Citrix Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization is as information technology development trend, which application considerably improves the quality of IT infrastructure and mitigate the problems in data centre (space saving, cooling rooms, power supply). Its application increases the efficiency of IT resources, enables the consolidation of computer equipment, makes the use and maintenance easy with significant cost reductions, and further contributes to the preservation of the environment.
Citrix Systems is one of the leading companies in the field of virtual work space software and service, and it enables its customers to have access to applications, information and processes via a network, anytime and anywhere, using various computing devices. Citrix actually ensures that digital office we know today becomes completely virtual. Instead of going to the office, your office comes with you. Thanks to the cooperation integration and consulting specialised companies, Citrix is able to offer virtual working environments which offer higher mobility to customers, greater flexibility, and lower computer expenses to IT organizations


Proactive network protection
Penetration testing and risk analysis of computer and communication equipment
Issues of security of computer networks have become more complex than ever, as more and more people are engaging in cyber-crime using new attack methods.Each device in a network has become a potential target and a means of attack on other devices. Lately, it has been noticed that the focus of the attack has been moving from client to server side (user device is the target, either directly or by leading a user to open a seemingly harmless file or click on a link).There is no technology that simultaneously protects a network from all threats.Attacks on user workstations, as well as abuses by employeesled to that that it was no longer enough to defend just the network edge. Only a proactive approach that includes testing of applied security mechanisms can bring satisfactory results in the field of computer network security.

Customs Administration

Support for the largest manufacturers and exporters

In order to further contribute to the growth of budget revenues and protection of domestic economy by increasing its competitiveness on foreign markets, starting with the March 1, 2009, Customs Administration began with the application of simplified customs procedures. In this way, the support was given to exporters, especially to manufacturers which import reproduction material, with the volume of business performances important for the national economy. These manufacturers perform their work conscientiously and in accordance with the law, they develop measures of safety and security, have the financial solvency, and keep records and communicate with the Customs Administration electronically.With these activities, The Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia also wants to adapt its legislation, as well as specific procedures characteristic for the countries of the European Union.Last but not least, these activities are a part of the government’s actions for alleviation of the effects of the economic crisis.

Nibens Group

Together on a new road

We will participate in all tenders in Serbia, because that is our obligation. The focus is on major projects, like the construction of Corridor 10 and the Belgrade – Boljare motorway, and it depends on the tender conditions whether we will participate independently or in a consortium. The priority is to provide the best offer – said Milo Djuraskovic, the President of the Nibens Group, for the InfoReview Magazine. Hundreds of domestic companies can be involved in the project, directly or indirectly, which creates secure jobs for tens of thousands of workers, Djuraskovic added. 

At the recently completed tender for building the left lane of the Horgos - Novi Sad motorway, the consortium of domestic companies made the best offer – 110 kilometres will be built in nine months, at the cost of 9.97 billion dinars and with payment period of 30 months. The leader of the domestic consortium is the Road construction company „Beograd“ – the member of Nibens Group –  the largets domestic company in the sector of road building, and the regional leader as well.


The Montenegrin Informatics Society Admitted as a Full Member of CEPIS

In the wonderful ambience of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, which strengthens the new economic relations with European Union in giant steps, and where the progress can be seen on every step, together with the foreign partner investments, the Spring Council of CEPIS – Council of European Professional Informatics Societies – took place.   In addition to the usual themes of improving cooperation in the field of development of the application of information and communication technology among member countries, this Council will stay remembered by the admission of a new European country – Montenegro.

A few years after the separation of Serbia and Montenegro into two new and independent countries, there was also the separation of information society, when the former members of JISA – Union of ICT Societies of Serbia and Montenegro formed DICG - Montenegrin Informatics Society, and some members of ECDL test centres, related to the ECDL certification in Kotor, Bar and some other towns of Montenegro, formed the UPI – Union of Professional Information Scientists of Montenegro.


Biometric ID system: from a device to a nationwide network

1. Personal identity and biometrics

The first years of the 21st century have been marked by security threats posed by international terrorism. Human trafficking has been a criminal activity of concern for a number of countries since a couple of decades. The convenient payment methods introduced in the last century such as credit cards and payments over internet have spurred a new sort of crime that can benefit international terrorism and organized crime: the identity theft. Our societies need to fight against identity theft by using state-of-the-art technology to protect rights of our citizens, residents, employees, social security beneficiaries, drivers, bank card holders and visitors.

In order to protect people’s rights, identity protection and authentication need to be incorporated into ID documents, and used in everyday government, legal, commercial and business transactions.  Secure means of identification are to be used in field, traffic and border  controls.


Optimal System for Stampa sistem

Enterprise Stampa sistem deals with the distribution of newspapers and cigarettes, and is one of the largest chains of kiosks in the country. Demands placed before the IT system in the enterprise are typical for large companies engaged in services, and partly are specific. Its infrastructure services must have high availability, require authentication of all users, e-mail system that is integrated with mobile phones, system management with
centralized supervision, and automatic and timely software updates, both on servers and clients, which are used for creating and storaging of system and data backup copies.

Based on the foregoing, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), Siemens IT Solutions and Services designed a highly standardized system of dynamic structure that can quickly and effectively respond to the requirements and changes that occur as a result of changed market conditions.


Accelerated process digitisation

For its business, Eurobank EFG uses specialised banking software and a number of software solutions based on a Microsoft’s platform. Eurobank has been Microsoft’s customer over many years, and it is the first bank that implemented a system based on SharePoint Server 2010, even before its final version was released. Since the experience of Eurobank, related to the solution that has just been implemented and applied to its business, would be useful to others, we wanted to know more about it.

To introduce you to the story, we will first say that numerous internal processes in this bank were conducted in a paper form, with the classic procedures of approval and signature, which made them slow, and hard to follow – to determine where a specific request was, one had to contact several persons. In accordance with its market position as one of the leading banks in Serbia, the bank’s intention was to additionally improve the position by reforming internal procedures, in order to become a leading financial institution in this field in the country, as well.


In the contact with the future

KONSING GROUP Ltd is famous company for designing, construction and maintaining systems for radio telecommunication in this region. It is competent and oriented to fulfil the customers’ and other interested parties’ requirements and expectations.
Integrated system, including Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO 14001:2004 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System in compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007 is certified by the Certification Body DOO PANCERT NOVI SAD.

The KONSING LABORATORY belongs to KONSING GROUP Ltd, which is accredited in compliance with ISO IEC 17025:2005, by Accreditation Board of Serbia, is competent for performing testing of electromagnetic fields – electromagnetic compatibility (fixed equipment for radio transmission), testing of low-voltage electrical installations, testing of low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies, testing of lightning protection systems, testing of electrostatic behaviour of walls, shields. Floor coverings and installed floors and testing of lighting in the work place.


mPayment – A New Payment Solution

According to the report of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) published in 2009, it is estimated that until the end of 2010, 61% of the world population will use mobile phones, which is almost four times the number of users in 2002. Statistics show that total number of Internet users in the same period was doubled, and is now 23%. This global trend of growth enabled mCommerce to be viewed as the natural successor of the eCommerce service, and mPayment (payment via mobile phone) as the technology which enables the realization of mCommerce service. Mobile payment can be defined as simple and efficient way of performing financial transactions in exchange for goods or services. Having recognized these trends and needs of the domestic market, the company TeleGroup, together with the software company DunavNET from Novi Sad, formed a specialized technological company TeleGroup-DunavNET, with the focus on creation of  the mPayment solution.


Geneko ADSL 2G/3G routers

E-commerce, on-line banking, e-brokerage, e-government, networking of remote business units, and other business applications which communicate using the VPN tunnels are directly dependent on the stability of Internet connections, which are in most cases of the ADSL type. Critical business applications, in addition to the reliable Internet connection, which is available 24/7, require an obligatory backup connection, in order to avoid stopping business activities. One of the possible solutions includes an ADSL router, with integrated GSM/UMTS broadband module, which provides a secondary connection.  In this way, a user gets a reliable and robust system. It is not rare that domestic Internet providers include a modem in the ADSL package. However, an ADSL modem frequently does not represent a satisfactory solution for serious business users, since a modem does no support advanced functions which they need. Geneko Company offers a comprehensive solution which has a support for all the functions necessary for connecting computers or small LAN networks into a unique VPN network with a broadband Internet access


Restaurant « JADRAN » with European quality 

The restaurant “JADRAN” was opened in the house of the family Niklanovic, as one of the first catering facilities in Budva. It is located at the very sea coast, in the central part of Budva, and has three joint unities of opened and covered parts. The staff is the important part of the restaurant, majority of which have been working here for 15 – 20 years constantly. Trained and professional team of chefs, waiters and other staff with the help of modern equipment for maintenance and production of meals, is able to serve a great number of guests, fast and with high quality. The restaurant offers vast range of food, national cuisine, Italian and sea food. Range of food, national cuisine, also there is a great offer of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, with an excellent collection of over 60 types of wines, which makes the restaurant “JADRAN” attractive for guests of all ages and demands.

The owner, the family, and the staff put great efforts in maintaining continuous high quality of food and service, and, have been successful for 30 years.









1. The Ministry for the National Investment Plan:
Towards the modern forms of cooperation of  public and private sector

At the time of global economic crisis, no one from the business world, as well as from agencies and organizations whose activities affect or may significantly affect the improvement of the business framework, must not do nothing and wait for the problem to disappear, or for some sudden solution which should come from somewhere. The time of crisis is the chance, and not the obstacle for the business improvement.  It is the time when certain solutions, which mostly represent the alternative or which from time to time are not familiar to certain circle of people, become the rule and prove that as a rule, it can and should survive after the crisis too. Not only that, they can become the development force in certain fields, and to affect the employment and better standards.


2. Execom:
The biggest IT exporter from Serbia
For more than a decade, EXECOM has been exporting its services and represents one of the biggest IT exporters from Serbia. One of EXECOM’s founders, Mr Petar Ulic, says:
“Our business logic is fairly simple – we invest in young experts, and export pure intellect, not a half-finished or finished product, and we import the money thatis spent mainly in our country. Also, we prevent the brain-drain, and we teach young people how to work in Serbia according to business rules that apply in the whole world.” 
In order to persist in its efforts, EXECOM provides its employees with continuous education, the ability to work on international projects and with advanced technologies. Employees behave in a responsible way towards the clients and learn business rules very quickly.


3. Klaster Dundjer:

Together against the crisis

The first Serbian construction cluster Dundjer, the member of the international association Building Smart, has been successfully operating O in Nis for two years
The main cause of funding cluster Dundjer is to improve pursuing of enterprises in construction business in Nis region. The cluster was officially registered as a citizen association at the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government in Belgrade on June11th, 2008. As a non-governmental organization the cluster cannot engage in a business and acquire assets, so that the question of its financing was left to members themselves, who do not have the obligation of paying for the membership. In order to find sources of funding, the cluster Dundjer applied for several projects of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, where its projects received the highest rates and the Ministry partly refunded the costs of the realization of those projects.

 4. IT Desk:
Open Society for Idea Exchange ODRAZI

Open Society for Idea Exchange is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded with the aim of educating the public about existing, defined human rights, especially human rights to free access to information and education. We noticed that, although computer literacy has become an essential tool for getting or keeping a job and thus to survive, the human right of free access to information and education was not expanded to the IT field. Through a new way of education and dynamic knowledge transfer, with our project "ITdesk.info" we provided free and inclusive computer education, which has imposed as a basic skill of today's business.
Our educational materials are intended for those who wish to acquire or establish basic skills and knowledge of computer use.

Improvement of export marketing

Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) is a public agency dedicated to helping Serbian companies to export their products and services and to become more competitive in foreign markets. On the other side, by promoting opportunities for investments and helping foreign investors to start business in Serbia, SIEPA is actively working on opening new jobs, animating the economy, transfer of technology, as well as new knowledge and skills.
Attracting Investments
Direct foreign investments represent the key factor of maintaining high economic growth, reducing foreign trade deficit, and increasing employment. To achieve the desired inflow of foreign investments in the following years, we, first of all, need greenfield projects in the manufacturing and export-oriented industries, such as, for example, automotive, electronics, ICT, pharmaceutical or food industry

6. Pravni fakultet Novi Sad:
Suggestions for the contribution to the improvement of business environment

Generally speaking, the concept of market competition in Serbia is absolutely new. Its contiuous promotion in the public is therefore necessary, as well as the convergence of various aspects of market competition to the business community and other relevant bodies, to ensure proper implementation of adopted legislations and raising of awareness and knowledge about this matter. If not, all regulation in this field become completely purposeless, regardless of how good they are or how they have been harmonized with laws of EU.
In the preceeding years, the young were brought up in an environment where different types of abuse were considered to be a virtue, a distinction of the capable, brave and smart people. As the citizens are the foundtation of every society, it is not enough just to adopt new laws and create new institutions, but to change the consciousness of citizens..

7. Volksbank:
Trust is connecting us
Volksbank Serbia has an individual approach to all our current and future customers, and through him, together with our clients, always trying to create the conditions that are maximally beneficial to both parties. Our business orientation is a financial service and support for companies, small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.
We offer our clients a complete range of banking services that really suits them and know that the only long-term partnership based on mutual trust can guarantee success and mutual satisfaction. We are here together to achieve best business results. We see a strong demand from client’s side for simple and transparent products.


8. Smart Novi Sad:

Continuous education - an imperative for successful business

According to the survey of the Republic Bureau of Statistics 97.8% companies in the Republic of Serbia has computer equipment, while 94.5% company has secured a permanent Internet access. The percentage of companies is laudable, but if we look into results of the usage of computers, we will notice that a lot of discourage indicators of usage of ERP systems (that integrate business processes - manufacturing, distribution, finance ...) with only 11.3% and the use of CRM system (the system for customer relationship management) with only 14.1%. These indicators tell us that we have equipped companies but we do not have arranged information systems which would bring economic benefit the company.

Other information on the availability of the Internet tells us that 94.5% have constant access to the company, of which 67% of companies have their own web site.


Infoteh Jahorina 2010

Traditional ninth international science-specialized symposium Infoteh – Jahorina 2010 was held this year on the famous beautiful mountain Jahorina , in the Bistrica hotel. The aim of this year’s symposium was a comprehensive and multidisciplinary review of current trends in the field of information technologies and their application in management systems in industrial facilities, communication systems, manufacturing technologies, electroenergetics, and in the other fields relevant for faster and more successful development of the environment in which we live.  Prof Dr Bozidar Krstajic, the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engeneering in East Sarajevo and Chairman of the Organizing Committee welcomed the participants at the opening of the ninth international science-specialized symposium Infoteh-Jahorina 2010. The assistant minister for science and technology, in his address to everyone, said that there was not a segment in our society today, where ITC technologies were not being applied, as well as that this meeting presented that Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina had personnel for the development of this field.



Magical forest by Dejan Despotovic 

Spring is the right time for the presentation of innovations in the fashion world. Before the numerous guests and media representatives young designer Dejan Despotovic presented his new line Black by Dejan Despotovic, in the concept store Supermarket in Belgrade.
The magical atmosphere, consisting of his models and special set with trees and mist created by young set designer Milica Djoric, enabled visitors to enjoy this unusual presentation. The whole concept that was shown is only to announce what the Black line will be in the future.
Many celebrities attended this presentation/performance, among them were: Nenad Radujevic, Bosko Jakovljevic, Ashok Murty, Tesla Sladjana, Jelena Ivanovic, Luna Lu, Marija Kilibarda, Djurdja Stojiljkovic, Ivan Bajic, Milovan Djoric and many others.


AUREA 2010

Visaris was granted the Aurea 2010 award Investment of the year in Serbia declared

Belgrade-based company Visaris won the award for the investment of the year - Aurea 2010, which is granted by business portal eKapija.com for designing the universal digital X-ray machine Vision C. The award was handed out by Vesna Peric, the Director of the Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA). On that occasion she said:

  I accepted with the great pleasure to be in the jury team which declared the winner of the 2010 Aurea award for the investment of the year. The role of SEIPA is to promote new investments, and the support of the media, like the initiative of the eKapija portal, is very important. The promotion of Serbia as a great investment location is, however, just a part of our job, while it is much more important to give all the necessary support to new investment projects, as well as to the companies that are already operating in our country. SIEPA backs direct investments financially as well, by granting from 2.000 to 5000 EUR to investor created through investments in the production sector – Peric said.


Content 2/10

010 The Eighth Business Roundtable with the Government of Serbia

016  Agreement on investing EUR 200 million in Science Signed

022 Conference of the European Leadership Centre 27 – 28 May 2010

024 eSkill Week: 1260 certificates ECDL free of charge for the citizens of Serbia,
           Montenegro and Macedonia

026 SBS: Citrix Virtualization Solutions

032 MDS: Proactive network protection

040 Support for the largest manufacturers and exporterts

044 Nibens Group: Together on a new road

054 DICG – The Montenegrin Informatics Society Admitted as a Full Member of CEPIS

060. Vlatacom: Biometric ID system: from a device to a nationwide network

066 Siemens: Optimal System for Stampa system

074 Microsoft: Accelerated process digitization

084 Konsing: Konsing group Ltd experience in management systems integrated  implementation

086 Telegroup:  mPayment – A New Payment Solution

090 Geneko: Geneko ADSL 2G/3G Routers

096 Restaurant „JADRAN“ with European quality


1.Towards the modern forms of cooperation of  public and private sector

2. Execom:  The biggest IT exporter from Serbia

3. Klaster Dunđer: Together against the crisis

4. IT Desk: Open Society for Idea Exchange ODRAZI

5. SIEPA: Improvement of export marketing

6. Suggestions for the contribution to the improvement of business environment

7. Volks banka: Trust is connecting us

8. Smart Novi Sad: Continuous education - an imperative for successful business

116 Infoteh-Jahorina 2010

118 Magical forest by Dejan Despotovic 

120 Aurea 2010: Visaris was granted the Aurea 2010 award Investment of the year in Serbia declared